Throughout my posts, I make repeated references to certain terms and institutions. I realize this may be daunting to new readers, so I’ve compiled this list of frequently mentioned individuals, terms and places.

ADAMAH: (literally, “soil” in Hebrew.) A farming fellowship located at Isabella Freedman. It welcomes young adults to participate in a program of Jewish study, communal living and farm labor for 2-3 month sessions. It produces its own lactofermented pickles, goat snuggles and compost.

Isabella Freedman (aka Freedman, IF): A Jewish Retreat Center located in Falls Village, CT. Home to the Adamah Farming Fellowship and TEVA programs in Jewish Environmental Education. Founded in 1883 as “The Jewish Working Girls Vacation Society,” it was renamed after the eponymous donor many years ago. It is now under the umbrella of Hazon, a Jewish environmental nonprofit organization.

Kansas City (aka KC, KS, home): A greater metropolitan region straddling the state line between Kansas and Missouri. This includes Kansas City, MO; Kansas City, KS; and other smaller cities and towns within the geographic area. I grew up in a home located in one of its southern surburbs on the Kansas side. I recently had the experience of living in this house with my parents as an adult.

Shmita Adventures: Unconventional activities during a sabbatical or life-transition period. Shmita (literally “release”) is the biblical agricultural concept of letting the land rest (“lie fallow”) every seventh year.

TEVA: (literally, “nature” in Hebrew.”) Jewish environmental education program located at Isabella Freedman. Home to the flagship “Shomrei Adamah” program that welcomes 5th-6th grade day school students for 4-day residential environmental education experiences. Not affiliated with the sandals or the pharmaceutical company of the same name.


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