Oozing towards a holiday weekend

garden slug on brick path
Garden Slug by Protopian Pickle Jar (2015) CC BY SA 2.0

“Summer” is a strange, nebulous construct, especially for adults currently untethered to the school year. It’s more than just a season of lightweight clothing and hot temperatures, watermelon and “beach reads.” It’s not quite a vacation, because I think I’m working pretty hard. Well, I’m exhausted at the end of the day, covered in frosting of soil, but happy.

I love my summer job at the children’s garden (which I will leave at the end of August), so I’m about 1/3 of the way through the season. However, the days are starting to flow together in a haze of SPF 50+ sunscreen, sweat, mulch, silly songs and fun facts about plants. I mutter, trying to orient myself: “Did we have that group on Tuesday or Wednesday? Were they big kids or little ones? Was it sunny or raining?” I don’t even know any more. Thank goodness we are taking pictures (mostly of staff, but with media releases only for kids), because I’m not sure I would be able to place any given event in a particular order.

So as I approach the cusp of the 3 day weekend, I must admit I’m feeling a little viscous. Boneless. Like I’m oozing along a sluggish slime trail. Or the malevolent metamucil monster than murdered Tasha Yar. But not hostile, just … colloidal.

My inertial inclination is to melt into a puddle of goo this weekend (creating a human impression of chia pudding) and read novels. My intellectual ambitions aim at researching and writing more blog posts. The nearly dormant organization itch tries to rouse my physical form into cleaning up stuff. My spirit was sort of willing, but only sort of, so I checked out a library book about cleaning up. Maybe this will prove inspirational.

I just accepted a job offer that starts at the end of the summer in another city. More on this story as it develops, but it will eventually require packing, donating or trashing a large portion of the stuff that has accumulated under my auspices. This is a daunting prospect, but also an exciting one.

So I’ll spend a little time as a mucilaginous blob this weekend. Maybe by Monday, I’ll be ready to firm up into a solid citizen again.


3 thoughts on “Oozing towards a holiday weekend

  1. Know what you mean about it all merging into on, it’s our busy time and when I told my wife to expect 20 four-year-olds, she interpreted is as 24-year-olds as if it was all part of a day’s work.
    Congratulations of the use of the word “mucilaginous” – first time I’ve seen it used without reference to plants. Now I’m going to go and sit in front of a fan…

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