Invisible You – the Human Microbiome

Interesting exhibit at intersection of art and science at the Eden Project, a conservatory/science museum in the UK.

Wellcome Trust Blog

This month the Eden Project launches a new permanent exhibition dedicated to the entire world that exists within us – Invisible You. The Human Microbiome. Science project manager from Eden, Gabriella Gilkes, tells us about many happy hours spent marvelling down the lens at that fantastical world, and how it is a dream come true.

Microbiological Portrait - Mellissa Fisher Microbiological Portrait – Mellissa Fisher

 ‘I am afraid that the experiments you quote, M. Pasteur, will turn against you. The world into which you wish to take us is really too fantastic.’  – La Presse, 1860

Louis Pasteur’s discovery of ‘tiny animalcules’ down the lens of his microscope changed the world of biomedical science. That same world is changing again today through the scientific discoveries of the human microbiome. The advent of genomics, with cheaper and easier methods of DNA sequencing have allowed the study of that microbial ecosystem – the invisible…

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