Unpacking (Literally & Metaphorically)

Woman trying to close box with escaping creatures
Opened Up a Pandora’s Box by F.S. Church. [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File%3AOpened_up_a_Pandora’s_box.jpg
It’s good to be back in Kansas. Based on the quantity of emails I’ve been fielding about events this week after a month away, I think re-entry into my regular life will be a case of “hitting the ground running.” I suspect the next few days will be primarily concerned with the literal unpacking of my suitcases (filled with twigs, leaf bits and dirty laundry). The metaphorical unpacking of the experiences may take somewhat longer.

Preparing for a torrent of blog posts about kids, plastic dinosaurs, nature, dirt, teaching and exploration. While it’s nice to feel “rooted” again, it’s also a little bit of a letdown after a few weeks of continuous grand adventures. After the dust, demons and twig bits clear from the initial round of unpacking, maybe I’ll also find some hope (and inspiration) left at the bottom of my suitcases.

I leave you with the first track in my mental unpacking playlist: Spencer Garfield’s Laundry Song


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