Vegging: A Growing Phenomenon

Vegetable costumes for everyone!

banal muffins


The term vegging is usually used to describe the act of relaxing or just sitting around, but there is a small community that are looking to reclaim the word and use it to talk about another, wholly different kind of activity. Vegging, in this instance, is the act of dressing up as vegetables. No one knows how it started, but Instagram has been the main platform for those with a penchant for donning fibrous and starchy garments to express themselves. Potato selfies began to appear in feeds, which then grew into a community of veggers across the UK.

I meet up with Tom, a 24 year old seasoned vegger at a cafe in south London. He is wearing a beige one-piece which is unmistakably a parsnip outfit. On closer inspection one can see that it’s made up of several vest tops sewn together, which taper down towards his feet so…

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