Auntie Bat in CT (Springtime Edition)

baby in red hat chewing on stuffed elephant toy
eating the elephant by protopian pickle jar (2015)

So the last time I practiced being Auntie Bat with my sister’s family in CT, it was cold and snowy. The snow is finally melting (just a few stubborn remnants at the edges of parking lots and in shady areas). Friday, I spotted a pair of wild turkeys (!) in the backyard, just hanging out and gobbling.

I arrived on Thursday from Kansas, first via plane to La Guardia Airport, then by airport shuttle to my sister’s place in CT. I had a fantastic shuttle driver, who had to take an alternate route due to a major traffic accident on the main highway, gave me a guided tour of interesting architectural and historical landmarks on the way to my sister’s home.

When I arrived, my nephew and the babysitter greeted me. I could barely believe my nephew was the same kid I saw only 2 months ago – at almost 10 months old, he’s huge and he’s got teeth and more hair ! (Then I passed out for awhile, from travel fatigue, not due to shock at my nephew’s change in appearance). When I woke up, my sister and her husband were on their way home from work.

While this week is also the holiday of Passover, this is a clearly a working vacation. Friday, Mr. Baby and I spent some quality time together: Squishing oatmeal, pondering the mysteries of feet (you have feet! With toes! I have feet! with toes! Amazing!), and engaging in nap-time protest techniques. By the time I put him down for his morning nap, *Auntie Bat* was so tired, I fell asleep on the floor next to the baby’s crib. He fussed for awhile (“You can’t leave me here! Nooooo! Waaaaaaah!… Oh this blanket is so soft, ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.” ) and then fell asleep. I woke up and transferred myself to the living room couch, with my own very soft blanket.

Friday night, we made to the trek to Grandma & Grandpa’s house for a chill Passover Seder. The baby (who didn’t get enough of a nap in the afternoon) spent most of the first hour overwhelmed and crying (Who *ARE* you people?! Why do you keep wanting to hug me?). Eventually, he warmed up and my sister introduced him to matzah ball soup, which he thought was pretty good.

My sister also has a week of night-call at the hospital, so having an extra grown-up at the house in the evenings will give my brother-in-law a break. To add to the mix of baby care, and sleep deprivation, they are also moving from their apt into a house next weekend. I have offered my services for impromptu baby care, packing and waiting for delivery folks to deliver the washing machine or other necessary items at the house.


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