Bisy Backson


The House at Pooh Corner by A.A. Milne

While I’m not sure “busy-ness” is necessarily a laudable goal, it provides me with both blog-fodder and myriad excuses for not posting.

Some of my activities over the past week (in no particular order):

  • Accompanying Dad to the Kansas City Home Show at Bartle Hall.
    Dad’s new project is interviewing contractors to determine what they have to do to update the bathrooms at the house. He got tickets to the Home Show from one of the contractors who came to give him an estimate, so we went to check it out. There was a presentation on bathroom renovation that turned out to be DIY bathroom renovation (Parents are not DIY people) that was not as helpful as we had hoped. Still, I had a pretty good time wandering around all the exhibitors booths, especially the ones for environmental things like geothermal heating/cooling, solar panel installation & a mushroom farm selling Grow-your-own mushroom kits. (I was tempted to purchase one, but resisted due to my unpredictably nomadic status.)
  • Playing Mah Jong with Mom’s Mahj group. (I think this will require its own post.)
  • Gathering up my brother’s extensive childhood LEGO collection (and sorting it out from other random plastic pieces that were mixed in) to bring to The Giving Brick. The Giving Brick is local KC nonprofit that was profiled in an article in last week’s KC Jewish Chronicle, which is where I saw it. The Giving Brick accepts donations of old LEGOs, which volunteers clean, and sort into sets for kids going through tough situations. (Many of the recipients are kids in the Jackson County (Mo) CASA system.)
  • Pet Sitting. (Well, not actually on the pets. That would be mean.)
  • Helping a friend clean out closets in preparation for a move. I mostly sat there and did research on my phone for places to send her excess stuff rather than just putting it all in the dumpster. (The results of my research will also require their own post.)
  • Confirming my post-Passover gig as a Spring TEVA educator!
  • Listening to Welcome to Night Vale podcasts while making a small dent in my own clutter collection. Then I gave up and just listened to Night Vale while making upcycled envelopes.

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