Eco-sins Revisted

So my parents received the following notice from their trash collection company last week:

On Thursday, March 5, 2015 Town & Country will deliver to each residence in Pinehurst a 64 gallon poly-cart which MUST be used for residential trash after that date. If a resident fills the new poly-cart, they may place one 33 gallon plastic bag of trash beside the cart at no charge. Extra bags of trash require a $1.25 sticker available from Town & Country. These new poly-carts will enable Town & Country to use the trucks with the “arms” when collecting trash. The new 64 gallon poly-carts are the same size as the green recyclables carts now furnished by Town & Country. The green recyclables carts are to be placed at the end of your drive on one side; the new residential trash carts are to be placed on the opposite side.

The pressure is now on to reduce the amount of trash my parents’ household produces. It’s not so much that each extra bag will cost more money to dispose of, I think it’s the administrative hassle involved in acquiring the stickers and affixing them to the additional bags of trash.

Mom said, “I think we should stop using paper plates.”

Trash can with wheels on curb
Waste Container (front) by Carol Spears (2007) CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons


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