Hamantaschen on cookie sheet
Hamantaschen with prune and apricot filling. Made by me and mom (2015). Protopian Pickle Jar. CC BY-SA 4.0

Mom and I made hamantaschen, cookies associated with Jewish holiday of Purim, based on the classic New York times cookbook recipe. We only use prune and apricot filling, because that’s what we like. Poppy seed? Chocolate chip? Heresy!

See the empty spot on the far right of the cookie sheet? I ate that one out of the oven. It was amazing!

Food for thought:
Via Lilith Magazine (Susan Schnur, 1998):
“Can I prove that hamantaschen [lit. poppy-seed pockets] are contemporary sacred vulva cakes? No. But it certainly makes academic and gut sense to me: that parthenogenetic (self-fertilizing) hamantaschen—pubic triangles traditionally filled with black seeds—are pre-spring, full-moon fertility cookies, suggesting the potency of female generative power, and heralding women’s and the Earth’s seasonally awakening creativity.”

h/t to Aharon for the quote!


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