Upcycled Envelopes

Inspired by the tutorial over at the EcoTurtleUpcycling & Zero Waste blog, I wanted to share one of my favorite upcycling activities: Making envelopes out of old magazines.

You will need:

magazines with scissors glue stick tape

– magazines/calendars/junk mail with interesting images
– scissors
– glue stick
– transparent tape
envelope template

(To find an envelope template, I typed “envelope template” into google image search. You can also make your own template by deconstructing an envelope you like.)

image from magazineFind an image you like. (I tend to pick interesting nature, food or other brightly colored or textured graphics.)

tape template to paperPlace the envelope template over the image. Tape edges to magazine image with transparent tape.

cut around templateCut around template.

remove template from cutoutWhen you have your image cut out, note which flaps are designated “top” on template. This will help you fold and assemble your envelope.

envelope folded not gluedFold between notches to create envelope flaps.

glue edges of flaps If you’re happy with your envelope as is, you can glue the edges of the inner flaps with the glue stick to create the envelope pocket.

shadow envelope with rose linerBefore you glue the flaps, you can add “liner” images, as well as collage more pictures onto the outside of the envelope. This is optional, but it does make the envelope a little more substational and resistant to tearing. It also adds some visual interest.

envelopes showing liners

Some more envelopes I made, while listening to the Welcome to Night Vale podcast and channeling Moreh Ya’akov, who taught me to make these in the first place. These can be mailed through US Postal service, as long as you affix a stamp, properly seal and address the envelopes. You may also want to check with their Mail Characteristics guide to determine the price and class of your envelope.

Continuing to share the love. Happy Upcycling!

Also, you might want to check out a similar tutorial for DIY upcycled envelopes over at the Intimate Weddings Blog, where I found the envelope template.


5 thoughts on “Upcycled Envelopes

  1. These look great. A compatible idea is to buy vintage stamps on Ebay and use those in place of modern postage. I bought some for my wedding, a selection from the sixties and seventies, lots of engraved printing and moon mission stuff, poets and sociology. One says “world peace through law,” (hah).

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