Conversation with my audience

soft boiled eggs with visible yolks
Michael Matuzak, “Soft Boiled Egg Breakfast (2013) CC-BY 2.0, via Flickr.

I like to imagine this blog is a kind of conversation with my readers. Okay, more of a monologue with occasional interjections of “Hmmm” and “ahhh” and “okay” to indicate that my theoretical interlocutor is still with me. There are some ideas that sound so much better in one’s own head than they appear when shared with other people. Sometimes even I recognize these, and am grateful for the “psst” from my conversational partner or the small voice in my head that indicates, “Perhaps you should not repeat this thought in polite company.”

However, there are still some notions that regularly result in the bewilderment of others, yet I find interesting and amusing. For example: I really like soft-boiled eggs, though don’t eat them all that often. When I do eat them, I invariably have a version of the following conversation with housemates or family members:

Me: I really like soft-boiled eggs!
Other person: Okay. You know you can get salmonella from undercooked eggs, right?
Me: Yeah. But I still really like soft-boiled eggs. Because I like to crack the top off the eggshell and slurp out the runny yolks and pretend I’m a small egg-eating dinosaur.
Other person: (Scoots away slowly and carefully.)

I really like eating soft-boiled eggs and pretending I’m a small egg-eating dinosaur. That is all.

Image: Parkosaurus by Steveoc 86, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons.


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