To my ideal reader

The Blogging 101 prompt encouraged me to write a post keeping my ideal reader in mind. Who is this mysterious chimera, “my ideal reader”?


From Mary Poppins (1964), via http://
From Mary Poppins (1964), via http://

Well, I don’t exactly have requirements for the “ideal reader.” (Sorry, Jane and Michael.)

It might be more helpful to reframe the question as, “Who do I think will enjoy the blog?”

My original idea for a blog came from my desire to reflect on some extraordinary personal experiences I have had working as a farmer and environmental educator. I hope writing about these during a period of transition will yield some insights and will help me figure out where to go next. I’m doing it online because I find writing for an audience of people to entertain and educate much more appealing (and personally motivating) than just writing for myself.  I also think interacting with readers via constructive feedback may be helpful in writing better blog posts, as well as creating a sense of community and relationship with my readers.

I think my writing style is very similar to the way I speak. I love sitting in a room and captivating a crowd with a story. I have this vision of myself holding court in an 18th century Parisian salon, pontificating on various bits of philosophical sophistry and eating cubes of fancy cheese.

You may enjoy this blog if:

  • You are going through a career/life transition (or are just interested in reading about mine.)
  • You like reading about chickens, goats, farming and gardening.
  • You find science amazingly awesome and get super excited about it.
  • You’re interested in the intersection of spirituality/religious tradition and the environment.
  • You want to know about incorporating sustainability and environmental awareness into your daily life.
  • You are ready for humororous stories about living in community with a bunch of Jewish hippies.
  • You appreciate stories about teaching and learning.
  • You don’t mind pretentious vocabulary, dubious punctuation and rampant silliness.
  • You need your daily dose of the Batsheva-show.

As per the prompt, I have demonstrated a “new-to-me” skill of inserting graphics into the post using the “Add Media” function and trying to  properly cite my photo sources. (Technically, I did that in the last post, but am counting it here as well!) I want to become more proficient with the design and html-coding aspects of building the blog.


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